Vitactiv Vitamin C 550mg (PureWay- C® )
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What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a cofactor and a potent antioxidant that directly and indirectly helps to:
- Protect immune cells from oxidative damage
- Support immune response
- Shorten sick duration
- Maintain healthy skin
- Encourage collagen formation
- Support healthy function of eyes.


PureWay-C® is a proprietary form of Vitamin C
that formulated with ascorbic acid and natural
lipid metabolites of lipid triglycerides and citrus


The lipid metabolites act as a Vitamin C carrier to:
-Increase intestinal absorption
-Improve vascular distribution of Vitamin C
-Enhance cellular uptake kinetic (for Vitamin C
-to enter the cells)

The citrus bioflavonoids provide:
-Protection to Vitamin C from oxidation
-Antioxidant capability


PureWay-C® is:
-Clinically Substantiate
-High Bioavailability
-High Body Retentian
Natural, Safe & Halal
Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian


PureWay-C® is a clinically researched ingredient:
-Uptakes by T-lymphocyte (immune cell)
-Improves LDL level
-Decreases the level of C-reactive protein (a marker for body inflammation)
-Stimulates neurite outgrowth
-Improve fibroblast adhesion during wound healing
-Help to protect the immune system from inflammation
-No side effect - suitable for sensitive stomach


- Vitamin C 500mg (Mixture of Pureway C & Sodium ascorbate), Orange Flash Powder, Natural coloring, Excipients, Sweetener, Mannitol.


Direction of use :
- Children above 6 years : 1 tablet once daily
- Adult       : 1-2 tablets once daily 
- Elderly     : 2 tablets once daily
- Smokers : 2 tablets once daily

Storage direction: Keep in cool and dry place.

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